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Top 10 Tech Trends For Your Superyacht

Yacht Intelligence caught up with the team at Superyacht Times, to give them the low-down on the top 10 tech items that every superyacht should have.
Today’s fleet contains some of the most technologically advanced superyachts ever built. When cool technology is utilised well, it makes time on the water and the experience on board exciting, instantly stress-free and more enjoyable. As the tech industry continues to boom, entertainment, management and security systems are becoming more advanced and are readily available for all superyacht owners.  A key part of creating a superyacht is choosing the essential – and coolest – toys and systems to include on board.

Here’s our picks of the top 10:

A reliable internet source and connection is a highly demanded service and is undoubtedly essential to life on board. 4G may not be the best option when travelling through remote areas, therefore Yacht Intelligence recommends using a VSAT provider which is specifically designed for remote locations. VSAT is a reliable and cost-effective alternative that allows multiple users to stay connected and have the assurance of being able to communicate with whoever, wherever, whenever whilst on board.

Kerio Control Bandwidth Management
A powerful tool that manages and protects data and its path from the outside world. As a superyacht is a home away from home, a robust firewall system must be used. Plus, the Kerio Control Bandwidth Management system also features a user-friendly GUI.

Apple iPad
The go-to device when running a control system like Crestron. The Crestron app turns the iPad into a cost-effective and user-friendly remote control and, with just a few swipes and a tap, the iPad will help to programme almost every electronic device on board, including lighting, blinds and curtains, heating, security systems, audio and video settings, on-demand libraries and management.

Apple TV  
Originally designed for the home market, Yacht Intelligence have found that the quirky Apple TV and its Airplay feature is the only reliable solution for streaming audio and video aboard a superyacht.

Tabletop wireless charging      
Systems like the crowd-funded ENERQi are a reliable solution for turning almost any furniture surface into a wireless charging station, making life at sea much more convenient. Plus, by removing the need for cables and plugs for various devices, these essential devices quickly make the superyacht’s expertly crafted interior design sleeker and more modern.

4K AV Distribution System  
Crestron’s content delivery system, DM-NVX, is a must-have for any yacht, as it is able to be integrated perfectly with almost any enterprise IT network to provide pixel-perfect images on screens throughout the various relaxation areas, saloons and staterooms on board.

For those who wish to document their time at sea, the popular DJI drone is the weapon of choice for expert photography and video and is used by both crew and guests. When operated correctly in safe and open environments, a drone can help capture some impressive content to share and promote the cool side of yachting.



Lift Foils  
This flying surfboard uses an electric hydrofoil that extends below the water. The board lifts out of the water so that the rider can move through the air in true superhero-fashion. Make room in the toystore for this fun favourite to guarantee a good time for all the thrill-seekers on board. Why not even use the drone to get some impressive footage whilst out on the water.

Jet Surf         
Another one for the toy store. Rather than a flying surfboard, this is a motorised board which has sparked a new craze that pushes the boundaries of water sports. Jet Surf riding is easy to learn, but difficult to master. This toy can be used by people of all abilities – but mainly those who seek a hit of adrenalin.

The Frame TV by Samsung  
Make this high-tech quantum LED TV a living room centrepiece and display a range of artwork on the smart display from the collection of specially-selected art from world-famous artists and galleries, or use it as a high-quality cinematic television. To make real art of this smart TV, choose from one of the many customisable bezels, frames and finishes.


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