Our Solutions

AV Systems

We understand that the needs of your yacht are changing. Increasing demand for increased data usage for both work and leisure, we cater for client needs spanning hotel and hospitality capabilities as well as office function. Yacht Intelligence offers the integration of full HD video distribution throughout, allowing owners and guests to simultaneously watch different sources at the same time anywhere on board.

Control Systems

Our mission is to improve the user experience. With our advanced audio systems, clients can enjoy music throughout every space of their yacht.


We pride ourselves on bringing seamless cinema experience to yachts. We understand the detail needed to synchronise audio, visual and control to create the ultimate cinema environment. Our contributions to the Nemo Room and works to date underline our expertise and skills in this area, working with clients to exceed expectations and push boundaries in cinema experience on-board.

Structured Cabling

We understand the importance of functionality on-board. Our AV on demand services can be tailored to bespoke client requirements – improving the user experience and efficiency on board. Where possible, we like to be involved at design stage to ensure our systems compliment rather than hinder the design of a yacht.
“We pride ourselves on crafting the optimum solution for marine entertainment systems.”