Home Intelligence


Making Homes Smarter

Is your home intelligent? Turn your luxury property into a smart home with the help of Home Intelligence. We deliver hassle-free, bespoke solutions for the home environment. Using the latest technology and a wealth of expertise, our team of expert consultants can deliver:

  • AV systems
  • Luxury home theatres
  • Control systems, lighting and blinds
  • Networking
  • Environmental controls
  • Security and access control

We understand that life doesn’t stop the minute you go ashore.

Our solutions are designed to bring your on-board and on-shore lives seamlessly together – an integrated approach which makes for a harmonious transition, wherever you choose to be. Each of our projects is bespoke to meet our varied client requirements, so we can create the ultimate customised lifestyle support – wherever you are!

“We pride ourselves on crafting the optimum solution for marine entertainment systems.”

Case Studies

Country Estate Hampshire


To design, supply and integrate
the systems below:

Central London Property

Upgrade / UK

To design, supply and integrate
the systems below:

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